Unapologetically Me

I am done with giving a plethora of unnecessary apologies. Now I’m not talking about unapologetically being a jerk. I’m talking about embracing my strengths and weaknesses with confidence, not guilt. I’m talking about being unapologetically ME.

I’m not sorry for caring “too” much. Last time I checked there was no limit to such a thing. Have you taken a look around lately? This world wouldn’t benefit from more mindless actions or more “who cares.” How much I care shouldn’t be your concern.

I’m not sorry for getting emotional at times. I’m allowed to feel, and I’m allowed to be as sensitive as I please. Don’t tell me to get thicker skin. Just because by your standards something wouldn’t bother you, doesn’t mean my standards match yours.

I’m not sorry for sometimes not feeling like going out with everyone. Not all of us can be extroverts every day of the week. Some of us need time to recharge and kick-back. Just respect the “me time.”

I’m not sorry for sometimes having to put self-care in front of “taking on the world.” It’s good to be self-aware and listen to your body. Not every day has to be pedal to the metal.

I’m not sorry if I seem “stubborn” when it comes to my values and morals. I just don’t think those are things to budge on, and frankly, I don’t care if you like it or not. Let me be me and you do you. If I say no thanks to a drink or physical advancement, respect it. I don’t go around telling you not to drink or to practice abstinence. I think it’s alright to be stubborn on things that matter most to you. Stick to them. Don’t let someone else influence you to fold.

I’m not sorry. I’m done saying sorry for things that this world has no right to make me feel guilty about. God made me perfect in His image, and it’s time I stop doubting it and decide to be unapologetically ME. 


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