Sometimes Even Heroes Need Saving

We often forget sometimes to actually stop and listen to our minds and bodies. It’s as if we don’t feel we “have the time” to care for ourselves or as if we just need to “keep going.” Chances are you know the type because you are one of them yourself. The type of person that has to have it alll together because that is what you feel is expected of you. Heck, you do it all! You take on evvverything. You agree to any task. And without even thinking much of it, you likely allow your mental, or even physical, health to take the back burner for the sake of helping another’s improve. Stop.  Continue reading “Sometimes Even Heroes Need Saving”


Unapologetically Me

I am done with giving a plethora of unnecessary apologies. Now I’m not talking about unapologetically being a jerk. I’m talking about embracing my strengths and weaknesses with confidence, not guilt. I’m talking about being unapologetically ME.
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