Sometimes Even Heroes Need Saving

We often forget sometimes to actually stop and listen to our minds and bodies. It’s as if we don’t feel we “have the time” to care for ourselves or as if we just need to “keep going.” Chances are you know the type because you are one of them yourself. The type of person that has to have it alll together because that is what you feel is expected of you. Heck, you do it all! You take on evvverything. You agree to any task. And without even thinking much of it, you likely allow your mental, or even physical, health to take the back burner for the sake of helping another’s improve. Stop. 

I know, I know, I know. You don’t intend to live life this way, but that’s just the lot in life you were given, right? You just don’t see yourself being able to do things another way or take time for yourself. All your life you have become accustomed to living life at a fast pace. So fast sometimes that you can’t even stop to allow yourself time to think!

Take a step back. Find your peace. Find your strength. It’s okay to not always be okay. You can’t expect yourself not to struggle a bit from time to time. Everyone needs a little extra help one time or another! Make time to feel okay again. It’s not healthy to push yourself so far past your breaking point that your body aches and your mind is absolutely exhausted before you actually realize what it is exactly you’ve been putting your body through everyday when you just didn’t “have the time” to do anything but “keep going.” Sometimes life isn’t all about how much you get done or how long you keep going, but when you allow yourself to stop and take a break, for a few minutes, a night, a day, a week – whatever your mind and body needs.

Know your limit. Find that balance. Don’t shut out the world completely and give up on everything, but please do know when to say “no.” When to not add more to your already overflowing handful. When to step back and take a look at what is actually healthy for you to add to your busy schedule. Don’t take on everything, constantly trying to fix the world around you. Yes, this world is broken and needs fixing. Yes, it’s good to do your share, BUT do your share. Unless you went to grad school for a top-notch degree in psychology, you aren’t expected to be the whole world’s therapist! You can’t be everyone else’s superhero every waking minute of your life. Sometimes you need to be your own superhero and save yourself from the business of life and the stress that seemingly comes along with it. Sometimes all you need is to allow yourself the time it takes for you to recharge and get back out there. 

Sometimes heroes need saving too.


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