Why Comparison is a Lie

Lately I’ve been finding myself slipping back into the trap that is comparison.  Continue reading “Why Comparison is a Lie”


Unapologetically Me

I am done with giving a plethora of unnecessary apologies. Now I’m not talking about unapologetically being a jerk. I’m talking about embracing my strengths and weaknesses with confidence, not guilt. I’m talking about being unapologetically ME.
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Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup

Rewind many years back to the 7th grade when it all started… the dermatology visits, the various skin treatment trials, the overwhelming pressure of trying to “fit in,” to just be liked. That was the start of it all – when I put on that first bit of makeup in a desperate attempt to cover up. You see, I used to have really bad acne to the point that my face embarrassed me, and I only added to the problem by putting on foundation, powder, blush, anything to hide my flaws. Continue reading “Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup”