Uninvited. Left out. Lonely. But that isn’t the way God intended for us to feel. Continue reading “Uninvited”


Seasons of Growth

Some seasons in life are just meant to be seasons of growth and there is nothing wrong with that. I think oftentimes we as humans strive so hard for success that we forget to take in the beauty of the lessons learned. Not every lesson is learned from success and pure joyous moments. Some of the hardest and best lessons are learned just like that, the hard way. Continue reading “Seasons of Growth”

God Calls You to Forgive Yourself as He Forgave You

We’ve all done it to some extent or another… made some mistake in our past, vowed to never do it again and to forgive ourselves so we’d learn from our past, yet we still hold the offense over our heads, providing guilt whenever we are reminded of the incident and dwell on it. Continue reading “God Calls You to Forgive Yourself as He Forgave You”