Seasons of Growth

Some seasons in life are just meant to be seasons of growth and there is nothing wrong with that. I think oftentimes we as humans strive so hard for success that we forget to take in the beauty of the lessons learned. Not every lesson is learned from success and pure joyous moments. Some of the hardest and best lessons are learned just like that, the hard way. Continue reading “Seasons of Growth”

Letter To A Younger Me

Dear a younger me,

There are so many things I wish I would have known at your age. So many things I wish I would have seen differently and believed about myself when I was growing up. I can’t make up for the lost time it took me to realize these things and truly believe my capabilities, but you can. So here’s to all you girls growing up and learning allll about the lies society tells us and the toxic situations life throws at us. Here’s to you. Because you deserve to know the truth. Continue reading “Letter To A Younger Me”

How I Came To Be The Christian I am Today

I had always grown up in the church; my family never skipped a service but I dreaded every living minute of it. I used to complain to my parents, “The pastor’s boring talks put me to sleep and I can never understand the point of the message, so what’s even the point of me going anyways?” Unrelenting, my parents would tell me I still had to go. I never liked one bit of it and always had to be forced to go along unwillingly to church. Even though I did not like church, I still listened and followed what they taught us. Don’t lie. Don’t hate. Don’t cheat. Don’t swear. Don’t disrespect. Basically don’t sin whatsoever. I guess I never understood why I, an unenthusiastic distant Christian, was following “the mandatory rules” I was, I just did it simply because I was told to and because I was scared of the consequences if I did otherwise. I never really got it, until almost six summers ago. Continue reading “How I Came To Be The Christian I am Today”