Loved Regardless Of Your Relationship Status

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I know many of you are a bit sad thinking you won’t be getting a Valentine this year, but fear not. You already have the greatest love story around! Continue reading “Loved Regardless Of Your Relationship Status”


Choose A Positive Mind; Choose Happiness

Today I was approached by someone who had been reading some of my recent writings and said that my upbeat perspective caused them to have a new outlook on their day and that they wished they could be nearly as positive as I am. To this I said, you can. Continue reading “Choose A Positive Mind; Choose Happiness”

Little Acts DO Make A Difference

This morning I was out Christmas shopping when I came across a Salvation Army bell ringer. I did my usual smile and “Merry Christmas, thank you for ringing the bell today” as I put my donation in the bucket & went about my Christmas shopping, not thinking much of it. Continue reading “Little Acts DO Make A Difference”

Why Working At The Senior Home Is More Than Just A Job

I find myself here writing about my job and why it is unlike any other job because the most touching moment of all my time working here, at the senior home, happened today. Continue reading “Why Working At The Senior Home Is More Than Just A Job”