When God Fights Your Battles

Satan is good at being bad. He knows how to exploit our weaknesses so that we might stumble on our own, but the good news is God is bigger than Satan’s best shots.

David did not go up against Goliath because he thought he was stronger. He went up against Goliath because he knew God was. David chose to fight the fight without armor not because he thought he could take Goliath just by sheer strength, but because he knew God was the one who would be doing the fighting.

Sure, David’s trust definitely had to be in the right place, but he also had to let go and let God. So often we try our hardest to hold on when all God is asking of us is to quit holding on and just be held. Why waste all our energy fighting a battle that’s already been won when we can trust God to show us the way? Why struggle to keep our heads above water when God is right next to us offering a hand up into the boat? God is calling us to stop fighting a fight that’s already been won and just look to Him. But we can’t forget that in order to follow God’s commands, we’ll need to let go of control and let God do His work.

It’s easy to get caught up in the madness and lose sight of it all. It’s easy to be so overwhelmed from going full steam ahead into a battle that we don’t even think to ask God for help. But remember, God has already been there, done that, and won the battle. Just look at His track record! It only makes sense to look to Him for the answers to get through.

Yes, Satan is good at being bad and finding ways to get us to fall, but it doesn’t have to be that way if only we remember God is bigger. If we truly recognize this and lean on Him for strength, we can all stop fighting a fight that’s already been won.

Just remember, God doesn’t want you to fight it alone. You were never meant to carry that weight on your own.


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