Uninvited. Left out. Lonely. But that isn’t the way God intended for us to feel.

I grew up feeling most of those things. You see, I had a plenty of friends, I got along with lots of people, but I never felt apart of any group. That feeling got even stronger when I was in high school.  In high school, we were almost conditioned to want to feel apart of a group. And that’s when I really started to feel less than. I had friends, don’t get me wrong, lot’s of them, but I never felt apart of any “core group.” My friends were so diverse and in so many different social groups that when I caught up with one I was automatically behind with the other, and it was just this constant race to catch up with each and every group of my friends. Because I was always playing this game of catch up, my groups of friends grew stronger, more exclusive, and I came to feel like a mere “add on.”

Now, I know I’m more than just an added number. Deep down, I know that. But I still, even in college, start to feel a little uninvited and left out from time to time. And lately, I’ve been struggling with just that.

Whether it be because of my strong dedication to my grades, my busy lifestyle, or my priority to take care of my own mental and physical health first, I don’t have a lot of spare free time even when all my friends seem to. And as a result, I watch myself slowly become less and less apart of “the group.” What exactly is the group? Even I’m not entirely sure I know the answer. Because my friends are still my friends. They still care, regardless of lost invites, miles of distance, or lack of contact, but I still feel more removed and forgotten than ever at times. 

I think it’s in times like these when God really calls us to re-evaluate our priorities, whether that be how we are spending our time or what we are letting matter most to us. I think it’s in these times that God reminds us just how far those feelings are from the truth. It’s in these times God grows our awareness of His ever-present, never failing, passionate love for us. You see, God doesn’t want us to feel left out or lonely, regardless of our earthly standing. He wants us to know our purpose, feel His presence, and grow in our alone time with Him.

God wants us to feel loved, even when we feel uninvited, left out, or lonely.

Truth be told, we already have the most important invite of them all. We just need to choose to show up. God made each and every one of us out of love, and it’s because of this love that He sent His Son to earth to walk right alongside us. God’s invite to live life with Him is just waiting at the door of our hearts with open arms. All we have to do is let Him in, and God’s deep and elaborate love for us will fill our lives.

God loves us all sooo much that He wants to be with us, to walk with us, and to teach us how to live in that love and worthiness. Accept the invite. Let Him in.



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