Adventure Is A Mindset

What do you imagine when you think of the word adventure?

Chances are you imagine something like I do… rocky hiking trails that lead to bluffs covered in trees overlooking everything. But how would you react if I said I thought of running errands when I imagined adventure

The dictionary defines adventure as a noun that is an “exciting or very unusual experience.” 

One day while babysitting I asked the little two year old I look after what his favorite part of the whole day was and he replied, “going to Cub Foods!” Of course I had a similar reaction to the one you’re probably having right about now. I asked, “Why?!?” and his simple response was, “I got to pick out my own oatmeal pack!” Out of all the adventures to various parks, immense playgrounds, all the toys we played with, and the delicious picnic along the way, he chose going to the grocery store as the best part of his day.

Kids look at everything with a sense of fun and expectation for excitement. That’s why it’s such a traumatic experience for kids when they have nap time or bedtime. They are sad they have to miss out on what fun is still possible for the last few hours in the day. They are worried they didn’t squeeze out every last ounce of adventure that the day held for them. 

When was the last time you got excited to run errands? Or better yet, when was the last time you were sad to have to go to bed?? Usually running errands ends up on the week’s to-do list, and it seems like now a days most of us can’t waittt to get in bed and sleep the night (and sometimes the day) away. You wish you could get back to the innocence and excitement that your childhood held, but maybe all that’s missing is a different outlook on your daily life.

You see, adventure is more of a mindset than a socially constructed set journey to some grand destination. The quality of the adventure is all determined by how you choose to have your attitude going into it.

What if we looked at life’s to-do list as a get to do list? What if we looked at weekly volunteering as an opportunity to learn more life lessons and hear more stories? What if we looked at running errands as a chance to get out and end up in some interesting conversations with the people we pass along the way? What if we looked at hardships with the hopeful expectation of a greater outcome? It’s time we start looking at life’s mundane tasks as opportunities for adventure. You see, you can make something as simple as going to the grocery store adventurous and fun, or you can choose to dread the task and refer to it as a chore on your to-do list.

What if we looked at life with the sense of wonder and expectation for excitement that kids do? Wouldn’t life be more fulfilling that way??

I sure think so.


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