You are Enough

The words are simple yet the meaning oftentimes gets lost in our society obsessed with comparison.

This semester I was given an assignment where I had to create a portrait of myself entirely out of words. Sounds scary to a non-art major, right? Drawing yourself is hard enough, let alone all out of words!

We were told to think of what message we want to convey to the world and how we could encompass that in a picture.

I had absolutely no idea how to go about this. I didn’t know how I should pose for the picture or what my words should say or what my message for the world all summed up in just a few words even was.

All I could think about was my past struggles with self-love and confidence and how after years of hard work and little reminders to myself, I finally had become more and more sure of myself and my worth. All I could think of doing was something that portrayed love and empowerment, but how on Earth does someone sum up such a powerful message?!?

The more and more I thought about it I realized this, God tells us over and over how wonderfully made we are in His image and how we can’t even compare to one another. I realized how many times God had been softly whispering to me, “you are enough” over and over throughout the years I struggled with self-hate. I realized how important such a reminder is. That was it. Those were my words.

You are enough.

As I went out to take pictures for the assignment, I was worried how I would possibly portray such strong words, and right then and there God reminded me yet again, “you are enough.” When I wasn’t even posing but merely being myself in between shots, my friend got the perfect shot for my project. No, I was not looking at the camera posing intentionally for this project, but hey, I am enough as is.

There was something about this photo that really embodied the words “you are enough” in such a way no staged photo ever could. You see, self empowerment isn’t about power or success; self empowerment is about reminding yourself of your worth without needing to sit and compare yourself to those around you. There was a grace about the candid photo that portrayed God’s simple, soft reminder. When I imagine God telling me that I am enough, I don’t picture Him yelling it with authority. I picture Him gently whispering in my ear, in the moments I need the reminder most, that I am enough.

So that was it. I found my message to the world. It is one so simple, yet so important.

You are enough just the way you are. The words are simple yet the meaning often gets lost. In such a world obsessed with comparing things and people and trying to keep up with society’s standards of beauty and success, God reminds us gently that we are enough just the way we are, over and over again.

And ya know what? The scary task of creating a portrait of myself entirely out of words was accomplished. It may not be perfect, and it sure as heck isn’t to the same standard of “good” as the art majors’ projects in the class, but God reminded me yet again that my best effort, what I am capable of, is enough.



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