Little Acts DO Make A Difference

This morning I was out Christmas shopping when I came across a Salvation Army bell ringer. I did my usual smile and “Merry Christmas, thank you for ringing the bell today” as I put my donation in the bucket & went about my Christmas shopping, not thinking much of it.

Afterwards when I came out of the store, the bell ringer stopped me and told me that I had made his whole day. As we talked, I learned something very important that ultimately inspired this post.

It turns out I was the first person the whole morning that had actually acknowledged him and stopped to thank him for giving back with his time. He said most last minute Christmas shoppers had either been too busy and caught up in the materialism aspect of this time of year or were simply trying to avoid eye contact with him in order to not feel the “guilt” of not giving back. He went on to say how he was pleasantly surprised that it took someone as young as me to change up the flow of his time bell ringing that morning. He said my beautiful smile and generosity had made his whole morning.

As we parted ways, all I could hear behind me was “bless your heart” repeated over and over again.

And just like that my morning was made, just from realizing how such simple actions could make such a big difference in someone else’s day.

Ultimately, this seemingly small encounter really made me think … so that’s what they mean when they say,

“Little things can make a big difference.”

For me, it was as simple as wishing someone a Merry Christmas and giving back a few dollars this holiday season. It may have been such a seemingly small act, yet it was that same small act that made this stranger’s morning.

Sometimes, I don’t think we realize just how powerful and how much of an influence our actions can have.

It’s just a smile.

It’s just the Christmassy thing to do.

It’s not that big of a deal.

But you never know when that “smile” is all someone needed, or when that “holiday spirit” brightened someone’s day, or when that seemingly “not so big of a deal” became a really big deal in someone else’s day.

You never know.

Your little act of kindness could be the game changer for someone else.

So this holiday season, remember to do the little things, because those little things can add up to make such a big difference in someone else’s day. After all, it only takes a small pin to burst a big balloon.

Your little actions do have the potential to make a big difference. So make sure it’s a positive one!


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