It’s Not About Who Won

I hate talking politics. Most of all, I hate how it seems to bring out the worst in people. But with all the hatred and anger I have seen today, I had to say something.

This is not going to be your typical political rant. Like I said, I hate politics and how it tends to bring out the ugly in people. I absolutely can’t stand to sit back and watch it get progressively uglier and uglier as the days go on.

Lots of people are concerned for our nation, and frankly, they should be. It is scary regardless of who you support. Our nation is viciously attacking one another, radiating hate. Whether or not you support Trump as our President, the election is over and he is our President. And it will do you no good as Clinton supporters to go on attacking and calling Trump supporters racists & saying they all hate gays, just like it will do Trump supporters no good to stand on a pedestal ready to shove their victory down the throats of Clinton supporters. Fighting against one another will do no good but only divide the country further apart. Whether or not you support Trump, don’t fight with the intent to take others down, fight with the intent to stand up for what you believe in. It’s not about attacking those with contrasting views from you. 

It’s not about who won. It’s about what you do in response to that.

God did not call us to exercise our voice to preach hate but to voice our opinions in ways that are respectful, loving, and honoring to Him. He called us to stand up for what is right, but not in the way many Americans seem to be going about it. God did not call us to hate on one another. He did not call us to attack one another. He called us to be loving in nature no matter what. Displaying hate for one another is distorting His image, but loving one another is clarity of why we’re here. It is important to continue to stand up for what you believe in more so now than ever, but it is also important that you are mindful of the way you are going about it. It’s about raising your voice, not stomping on others’.

People have asked me today how I can stay so calm in such a chaotic mess as the one we’re living in right now… My response? Who am I to call myself a Christian if I don’t have enough faith to trust in God with something as seemingly small as this in comparison to some of the miraculous things God’s pulled off before? Who am I to call myself a Christian if I don’t think prayers can actually work wonders? How could I call myself a Christian & not rest easy in the peace of knowing that God knows what He’s doing. Is that the same as saying this election is God’s will? No, not necessarily. But what it is saying is that God is in control, not politicians.


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