A Raw New Perspective On Flaws

Flaw (noun): a mark, fault, weakness, defect, or other imperfection that mars a substance or object.

Often times we look at our flaws as simply that – a weakness that soils ourselves and our image, when in reality, we are the only ones that let our so called “flaws” soil us.

Now don’t get me wrong, humans by nature are imperfect, however, also made perfectly imperfect by our identity in Christ. Therefore, our insecurities are merely self-conceived.

Recently, my own self esteem had been re-challenged by people and situations that really got me thinking, maybe I’m looking at flaws all completely wrong…

Maybe just maybe, some of our biggest fatal flaws are actually some of our greatest gifts.

Bet ya never thought of that one before. But seriously.

Let me just get real here for a minute … Recently I’ve had a few run-ins where hurtful people reconfirmed my very worst and biggest insecurity: being a burden. What’s the root of this insecurity? Well, for me, coming from some of the struggles I’ve had to overcome and work through in the past, I tend to think things through in a million different ways, in different contexts. I typically process information in more ways than could possibly ever be implied. I have a such deep-rooted, complex thought process that doesn’t seem to work in the same way that most of my friends’ do. As a result of my past, I tend to be more emotionally invested in all my friendships than do most reciprocate back. I react differently to things than I probably would have prior to these events, and I am aware that this stuff affects how I face things today. I am aware that at times I may need more emotional support and reassurance than some do, due to the root of my fatal flaw. I am aware.

When those I once so closely confided in, then turned and treated me as if I bothered them with my vulnerability and that my need for support at times was annoying, it was pretty unbearably painful. There aren’t too many more hurtful ways to lose a friendship than to be told you or your life struggles are too much of a burden to be associated with anymore. It can be pretty hurtful, but this time it got me thinking…

Maybe just maybe, the root of my fatal flaw is actually one of my greatest gifts.

Maybe it’s good to be set apart from this broken, detached world.

Maybe just maybe, in such an insensitive world, it’s a gift to be so sensitive and conscious of the way things might come across.

Maybe in a world with such a negligent, no-strings-attached attitude towards relationships, it’s a gift that I care so deeply about each and every one of my friendships.

Maybe just maybe, it’s a blessing that I process and view things differently than most.

Maybe just maybe, it’s this different perspective that sets me apart from this fallen world.

Maybe just maybe, God has a reason for placing such a distinct difference in me: to make a difference here on Earth.

Maybe just maybe, what you perceive to be a flaw is actually a gift to those around you.

Maybe just maybe, the right people view that characteristic you so desperately try to hide as such a desirable attribute.

Maybe just maybe, those people around you actually appreciate what you seem to hate. After all, who likes the same old same old day in and day out? When you look at things this way you realize:

It’s your “flaws” that make you unique.

So maybe just maybe, what you consider to be your fatal flaw and biggest insecurity is really your greatest gift and blessing for this world.

Embrace it.


One thought on “A Raw New Perspective On Flaws

  1. You are a unique and caring person, Kaila. It’s good to see your uniqueness as a gift. It is who you are and who you are is a blessing to us all. We all are unique in our many different ways. Accepting and understanding our uniqueness is a huge step towards developing confidence in ourselves.


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