Howto Survive Your First Year at College

Here’s 12 ways to make sure you make it out of freshman year alive, because who wants one of those freshman horror stories to become their reality?

1. Become Friends With Your Roommate:

Or you’ll end up being the one that everyone gets annoyed with for constantly complaining about their roomie allll year long.

2. Leave The High School Drama Behind You:

Unless your goal in college is to repel any possible new friendships.

3. Dress:

There’s going to be those people that always dress up and look fab every day buuuut 90% of college students choose to sleep in and wear sweatpants and hoodies to class, so don’t feel like you need to dress to impress anyone other than yourself.

4. Know Where Your Classes Are:

Yes, I am that kid. I still walk my schedule the day before classes start. Let’s be real though, you don’t want to be that one person that awkwardly shows up 15 minutes late to a huge lecture on the first day of classes.


Yeah, yeah, it’s so cliche, but really. Get involved. If sports are your thing, join intramural teams. If faith is your thing, join a faith club. If art is your thing, do an art club. If singing is your thing, join an acapella group. Whether dance, movies, volunteering, or video games are your thing, there’s a club for that; GET INVOLVED.

6. Watch What You Eat:

Freshman 15 is real. Watch what you eat so that you don’t end up regretting choosing ice cream as your main course every single lunchtime and dinner. Speaking of food…

7. Check Your Cafe Food And Dishes:

If you have food allergies, woah, beware. Food labels may all be out of place so think twice before grabbing something you aren’t quite sure matches the label. Check your bread for mold and check the staleness of the pizza. Make sure you check how old the lettuce is and check how cold the meat is before grabbing a plate. Check how hard the cookies are, if the table can’t even break them, it’s a no-go. Go check for milk before you go grab cereal. Check your plates for left over scraps. Check your glasses for mouth stains, and check, check, and double check, your silverware for left behind food chunks. Just beware that the college cafeteria may not be the most glorious place on campus…

8. Remember You Are A Poor College Student:

Don’t waste away all your money.

9. Stay True To Yourself:

They say college is where you meet your life-long friends, but if you aren’t yourself you won’t really find friends you’ll want to stay in touch with post graduation. Don’t get caught up in all the partying, drinking, or skipping class scenes, because you are there for a degree, after all.

10. Don’t Try So Hard To Please People:

You don’t want to be that person people take advantage of or get to do anything for them just because you are trying so hard to please them and be accepted. I could go on and on with stories that typically didn’t end well for those over-the-top people pleasers.


If you remember to bring one thing, bring a big fan for all those hot and humid days and nights.

12. Stay In School Kids.


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