God Works in Mysterious Ways: Stepping Beyond Borders

Tonight, my community group and I drove to the cities to check out Wooddale’s worship night and walking out of the Music Box Theater with these girls by my side after a night filled with unmistakably God-sent opportunities, I found myself inspired to write this blog post in the wee hours of the morning.

Now until tonight, I had not realized how remarkable of a story my community group had to share and how seamlessly God had all of our paths intersect.

The whole evening had been centered around love and what it means to love as a Christian:

Most people say “I love __ because __.” but God says “I love __.” period. There are no conditions to His love for us.

We talked all about how you can’t command a feeling but you can command an action, and love is the greatest action of all. You can command yourself to act with love and say “I love __ therefore I will __.” It was after a night filled with such peace, love, and worship that my community group found ourselves on our way out the door when the worship leader came rushing out to us asking us what our deal was and what God had placed on our hearts. This sparked a whole conversation that soon led to her asking us how we ended up deep in the cities at a church we had never even heard of until that day, and so the story began…

It all started a few months back in the fall when I got involved with a faith organization on campus called InterVarsity, where I met tons of incredible people – one of them being the beautiful curly blonde you see in the picture above named Remy. Now the two of us talked every now and then and hung out a few times with InterVarsity people but I never would have guessed that we would grow so close together in the summer months; however, God had a plan up his sleeve.

Coming back home from school was so different in many ways. One of the biggest was the change of people surrounding me. At school, I had drawn close to so many brothers and sisters in Christ that I call my “teammates for life,” but back at home, I didn’t have that sense of community so I vowed for the summer to step outside of my comfort zone and take as many opportunities as I can to connect with people and this is just one example of a result of that process.

I found out through my old high school youth group leader that one of my church’s very own was holding a college Bible study for the summer and when I looked at the name of the leader I almost had to do a double take. It was Remy! The two of us had grown up going to the same church, living in towns not too far away from each other, without ever even knowing it! I decided to join and it was one of the best ways I could possibly have spent my summer Monday nights.

A week ago, I decided to invite a friend, Regan, from my old high school youth group that had also gotten involved with Intervarsity at Eau Claire. I figured these two lovely friends of mine would get along really well and that Regan would thoroughly enjoy a Bible study run similar to those at school. Of course Remy and Regan quickly connected and we got going into a wonderful discussion on the passage and life in general.

Fast forward to this week and our group decided to hold our study on a Thursday night since Monday was the 4th of July. Well Wednesday night, our group found out about Wooddale’s worship night through a suggested event on Facebook, and although none of us had heard of the church before, we decided to step outside our comfort zones and go check it out instead of our usual study. When we all met up at our hometown church to carpool, we met the bubbly brunette you see to the right of me in the picture. This girl, named Danielle, had just recently changed churches and ended up at our same hometown church and was looking for a way to get connected so she decided to join us for the evening.

Somehow, all of us girls who are usually anxious and uncomfortable driving in the cities made it to Minneapolis for the event. Praise Jesus. This is where our story, of how through a crazy course of events, God had connected each and every one of us very different individuals and brought us all out of our comfort zones to a night of worship in the cities at a church we knew no one at, amazed the worship leader of Wooddale. She was so surprised that we had come from Lakeville to check out a place we had never heard of before with people we had somehow crazily became connected with that she had us share our story multiple times to the lead pastor and various other members of the band, and it really got our group thinking. How awesome is it that God works in such mysterious ways?! Embarking on our journey for the summer, no one knew what God had in store, or that we were all going to cross each other’s paths and end up connecting, and as a result of stepping outside our borders, we would connect with a whole new church community! Tonight’s act of obedience to God to step outside our comfort zone ended up resulting in amazing blessings and connections – the kinds of connections we had been looking and praying for back home.

This year’s series of events leading up to tonight make it so clear how important it is to trust God and step beyond your borders so that He can work through you to do amazing things and meet amazing people while growing closer to God.

You never quite know where a journey will take you, but you do know one thing, God promises to give you beautiful results.


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