How I Came to be the Christian I am Today

I had always grown up in the church; my family never skipped a service but I dreaded every living minute of it. I used to complain to my parents, “The pastor’s boring talks put me to sleep and I can never understand the point of the message, so what’s even the point of me going anyways?” Unrelenting, my parents would tell me I still had to go. I never liked one bit of it and always had to be forced to go along unwillingly to church. Even though I did not like church, I still listened and followed what they taught us. Don’t lie. Don’t hate. Don’t cheat. Don’t swear. Don’t disrespect. Basically don’t sin whatsoever. I guess I never understood why I, an unenthusiastic distant Christian, was following “the mandatory rules” I was, I just did it simply because I was told to and because I was scared of the consequences if I did otherwise. I never really got it, until almost six summers ago. Continue reading “How I Came to be the Christian I am Today”