Zero IS a Size Just Like any Other

Body shaming can come in all different sizes, but one that seems to be overlooked is the shaming of “size zeros.”

Now, I may not agree with the weird idea of clothing companies starting out their sizing scale at 0 or 00 instead of simply starting at 1, but that is besides the point. Coming from a girl that has grown up being a size zero, and even at times a double zero, I got all the “anorexic” comments, even though my eating habits were totally normal – from boys, girls, kids, and even adults. And let me tell ya, they sting just as bad as “fat” comments do to girls conscious of their weight. It’s not a compliment. Don’t ever think that it is a flattering thing to hear, because it just isn’t. I got the “you barely even weigh three pounds” jokes left and right growing up. I got “you’re so skinny you should eat a cheeseburger.” I even – and I will never forget this – had one friend’s mom go as far as to buy me an extra large shake and force me to finish it. As a fourth grader. I was being shamed for my body. As if there was something wrong with the way my body was built. The way God made me. As if being fit wasn’t “right.” As  if my tiny waist wasn’t socially acceptable. Because it was different than most.

Now I bet some of you are thinking how ridiculous some of that stuff sounded, but you’d be surprised at how often things like that are said and thought nothing of. Many of you may think this is a joke because magazines rave about tiny waists yet society tries to empower and glorify thicker, curvier women by saying “zero is not a size,” or how having thigh gaps are unhealthy. Society will say things like how “all real men like thicker women,” or how all models are starving anorexics in reality (now I know the reputation is at times true, however some models are just naturally built with slim figures). There are women out there that are built that way naturally and to hate on them and their thigh gaps is just as bad as hating on women who have bigger thighs. It’s just all so pointless.

Let me tell you something: society has it all wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with women’s body types. We are all made beautifully in God’s image. Each and every human being is a perfect masterpiece. Some are size 0; some are size 12. Some are petite sizes; some are plus sizes. Some have the hourglass shape; others have the apple shape. Some have thigh gaps; some don’t. Some have bony arms and others have quite muscular arms. Some have the athletic build; some simply don’t. Some have high metabolisms; others have low metabolisms. Some have scars; others have tan lines.

Just because you have a certain body trait doesn’t mean you starve yourself or that you eat too much or too little. It doesn’t mean you need to work out more or less. It just means that that’s the way God created you.

A beautiful, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. And although you should embrace it, be mindful not to knock down others in the process.


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