8 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Experience Dorm Life

We all hear of the horrifying and annoying stories of dorm life in college but here are some reasons why every college student should live in the dorms at least once during their college life.

1. Your neighbors become some of your best life-long friends.IMG_0335.jpg

They’re the shoulders you cry on, your go to for late night dance seshes, your college advice and life coaches, your fellow stay in Friday night movie marathon enthusiasts, your personal comedians, and best of all… your best friends. You end up doing everything together, from daily dinners and late night cramming to dance parties and walks to the river; they’re always by your side.

2. There’s endless fun stuff to do.IMG_5057

From karaoke night and pie-an-RA to scavenger hunts and roommate competitions, there is always something going on in the dorms. Whether you’re bored, looking for a break from studying, (or just simply want to climb a doorway), there’s always someone in your dorm that’s totally down for it.

3. You always have someone to laugh with in the halls.IMG_7524

You’ll be thankful you’re not the only one dying of laughter on the floor…

4. Karaoke in the showers is always entertaining.

You’ll get to hear all your floor mates’ solo performances in the shower when they’re unaware the whole floor can hear them. If you’re feeling like a star, you may even have the urge to jump in with some harmonizing pitches from the stall next to them just to throw them for a loop.

5. You can always count on your neighbors for dysfunctional pics.IMG_0415.jpg

I can’t even begin to count the number of dysfunctional pictures I have with various people on my floor…but some pictures make for some pretty great laughs later on.

6. Sometimes you wind up with interesting surprises on your door.


I really have no further explanation for this point or the picture… It just happens.

7. You never have to go to dinner alone.


You meet so many new people and make so many new friends there is never a time you feel like you have no one to eat with. There’s always people ready to meet up for dinner or stay back and make mac & cheese with you in the halls.

8. It’s just part of the college life experience.

Living in close proximity with all your friends? Who wouldn’t want to experience that?!


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