5 Things Anyone Suffering from Depression Needs to Hear

1. You are infinitely more.

You are more than your illness. You are more than the lies you tell yourself. You are more than what others say you are, because simply put, they don’t understand your illness, like you do. Depression doesn’t define who you are and neither do those that think it should. You are not a label. You are not a victim. You are not a bum. You are a fighter. You are a survivor. You are infinitely more than what doctors may try to label you, or bury you in pills with,what kids at school might think of you, say about you, or even do to you. You are infinitely more. You are so much more than you could ever begin to imagine. You are strong. You are loved. You are cared for. You are beautiful, because you are you. Everyone has their struggles and depression is just one of yours. It’s not who you are. People don’t look at cancer patients and define them based on their illness, and neither should people look at you and define you as “depressed,” cause you are infinitely more than your illness.

2. You are strong.

You got out of bed today. Regardless how nice staying in bed all day sounded, you got up. Even if you didn’t want to face the world today, you did it, and I’m so proud of you for it. You’re facing life today, even if it’s just another day of the same old routine of going to school, going to work, or just staying home. You’re fighting for another day, and I’m proud of you. You’re breathing and your heart is beating. You can get through today because you’re strong. Remember, depression doesn’t make life easy. So every time you tell yourself you’re weak, remind yourself how hard you fight every single day just to face life. You try so hard to put a smile on your face. You try so hard to stay positive. You try so hard to retrain your brain to let you see the light in every day. You fight like crazy just to wake up the next morning and roll out of bed. You are so so strong. Don’t ever let yourself believe you’re weak. If anything, you’re stronger than everyone else who has never had depression because you have to fight that much harder just to get to a place in life that others take for granted.

3. Never give up your hope for change.

Don’t give up now. You’ve come way too far to turn back now. Maybe things won’t get easier by tomorrow, or in a week, maybe even months, but it will, and one day you’re going to look back on all this and know why you chose to stay. Never give up your hope for change. It will come. Maybe not this moment, or a few moments from now, but soon you’ll wake up overjoyed with life and you’ll realize why you didn’t give up and quit fighting your battle. It’ll all make sense why you worked your butt off just to make it through every day. It’ll all be worth it someday so don’t give up just yet. Who knows, tomorrow may just be your best day yet. So don’t give up.

4. You are not a bother.

You aren’t a bother because you’re struggling. I know how hard it is at times to tell yourself you’re not bothering others with your problems, but why do you think they listen? Because they care. Because they want to be there for you and help. Yes, you may come across people in life that tell you you’re “too much to handle,” or that you’re “dragging them down,” but honestly who wants those kinds of “friends” in their life anyways. I, too, have had to say goodbye to people that let my struggle scare them away. Don’t ever let someone who doesn’t understand depression tell you that you’re too much of a “Debby Downer” or have “too much baggage,” because they aren’t good friends. True friends want you to come to them when you’re struggling. They want to be able to help you the best they can. So don’t for a second worry about being a bother. Don’t get all anxious thinking you’re annoying someone when you just need to rant. Don’t run from your friends when you’re struggling. Let them help. Real friends don’t find helping others a “bother.” So don’t be so hard on yourself.

5. You are loved.

Just because you might not love yourself, doesn’t mean others don’t. You may not be able to see it, but you are incredibly loved by so many people in your life. When you think nobody will miss you or care if you’re gone – you’re wrong. Those lies you’re telling yourself are far from the truth. Your mom would be devastated. Your dad wouldn’t have anyone to throw jokes at. Your brothers and sisters wouldn’t have anyone to goof off and mess around with. Your friends wouldn’t be able to fill the void you once filled with anyone else, because you are you. One in a million. No one is quite like you. It sounds cliche but it is true. You’re irreplaceable and there are always going to be people that dislike you but that’s life. There are plenty of more people that care for you immensely. You are loved by many, and their love far outweighs the hate of anyone who doesn’t know you.


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